1.4 General Boundaries

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District spans approximately 178 square miles on the western edge of the Twin Cities Area.  Most of the watershed - 148 square miles - is in Hennepin County while the remaining 29 square miles are in Carver County.  The District drains an area approximately 29 miles from east to west and 15 miles from north to south.  Two distinct hydrologic basins exist within the watershed.  The ?Upper Basin? or ?Upper Watershed? drains through 104 square miles of agricultural land and suburbs west of Minneapolis to Lake Minnetonka. As Minnesota's 10th largest water body, this lake covers an additional 22 square miles before discharging to Minnehaha Creek. The ?Lower Basin? or ?Lower Watershed? consists of the area east of Lake Minnetonka that is drained by Minnehaha Creek and extends to the Mississippi River.  As the creek winds toward Minnehaha Falls, it accepts runoff from 52 square miles of the lower watershed, including Minneapolis.  Figure 1 shows the District's hydrologic and legal boundaries and the governmental units located within the district.