1.6 Context of Plan

The District has completed a number of specialized studies within the last three years, including detailed analyses of the condition of lakes, streams, and wetlands in the watershed, and an extensive hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of existing and expected future hydrologic and water quality conditions.  This Plan consolidates the findings and recommendations of those studies.  The focus of this Plan is on the Water Resource.  The individual Subwatershed Plans that make up the heart of this management effort set forth comprehensive and holistic hydrologic, water quality and ecological integrity goals for the lakes, streams, and wetlands within the watershed.  Structural and nonstructural approaches to attaining those goals are detailed by subwatershed.

Within the Upper Watershed, an important factor in the achievement of these goals is the land planning and future land uses within an area that is now vacant, agricultural, or of rural density.  This Plan Revision is specifically intended to coincide with the development of city Comprehensive Plan updates required of Twin Cities Metro Area communities by 2008, reflecting the philosophy that water resources and natural resources planning should be an integral part of land use planning.  These required local plans must be consistent with this Plan, including not only an assessment of problems and identification of solutions, but also an evaluation of how the local government intends to meet the performance standards on an ongoing basis.