2.2.1 Topography and Drainage

The Gleason Lake subwatershed is located within the Emmons-Faribault moraine geomorphic region, and the topography is typical of that region – gentle rolling hills with an abundance of lakes and ponds.  The 2003 MCWD Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Pollutant Loading Study (HHPLS) subdivided the Gleason Lake subwatershed into sixteen subwatershed units, designated GLC-1 through GLC-11, and HL-1 through HL-5 for that part of the subwatershed that is within the Hadley Lake drainage area (see Figure 2).  The eastern portion of the subwatershed drains through several wetlands including Kreatz and Snyder Lakes and then to County Ditch #15, which discharges into Gleason Lake.  The western subwatershed drains through Hadley Lake and then south to Gleason Lake Creek, which outlets the south end of Gleason Lake and flows by channel and culvert to Glenbrook Pond.  The Pond outlets to a storm sewer that discharges downstream to Wayzata Bay.