2.2.1 Topography and Drainage

The Christmas Lake subwatershed is located within the Eastern St. Croix moraine region, and the topography is typical of that region: erratic surface relief and numerous depressed areas that formed into wetlands, small ponds, and lakes.  The eastern edge of the subwatershed is a highly sloped linear glacial formation that forms the bluffs on the east shore of the lake.

The 2003 MCWD Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Pollutant Loading Study (HHPLS) subdivided the subwatershed into five subwatershed units, designated CL-1 through CL-5 (see Figure 2).  As detailed in the HHPLS, some of the small basins in the subwatershed (CL-2, 3 and 4) are landlocked and have no natural outlet.  The subwatershed discharges into an outlet under Highway 7 into St. Albans Bay of Lake Minnetonka.