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2.2.1 Topography and Drainage

The eastern part of the Lake Virginia subwatershed is located within the Emmons-Faribault moraine region, while the western subwatershed is located within the Lonsdale-Lerdal Till Region.  The topography of the eastern subwatershed is rolling and hilly with areas of steep slopes along the eastern shore of Lake Minnewashta.  The western subwatershed is distinguished by fewer steep slopes. 

The 2003 MCWD Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Pollutant Loading Study (HHPLS) subdivided the subwatershed into sixteen subwatershed units, designated LMC-1 through LMC-10 in the Lake Minnewashta drainage area, and LV-1 to LV-6 in the downstream, Lake Virginia area (see Figure 2).  As detailed in the HHPLS, two subwatershed units are landlocked.  The Lake Virginia subwatershed discharges by a small channel into Smithtown Bay.