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2.3.2 Biologic Integrity


Within the Carver Park Reserve on the west side of the lake is a large patch of maple-basswood forest that has been designated on the Minnesota County Biological Survey as being a high-value native plant community. The larger area within Carver Park Reserve has been designated by the DNR as a regionally significant ecological area within the Metro area. This designation is based on an evaluation of the size of the area, the diversity of cover types, and its location


The most recent DNR fish survey of Schutz Lake was conducted in 1991. At that time the fish population was dominated by bluegill, black crappie, and largemouth bass in above average numbers. Northern pike and yellow bullhead were also captured, fish that thrive in clearer waters. Eurasian watermilfoil has been confirmed by the DNR in Schutz Lake since 1990. No comprehensive vegetation survey data is available


The 2003 MCWD Functional Assessment of Wetlands (FAW) evaluated wetlands within the subwatershed. Only a few of those wetlands exhibited any high habitat or aesthetic values (see Figure 13). The wetlands riparian to Schutz Lake were found to have high fish habitat values.