2.5.1 Lakes

Schutz Lake is the primary receiving water within the subwatershed, and is classified by the DNR as a Recreational Development lake. It has a surface area of 105 acres, and a maximum depth of 49 feet. Schutz Lake has been monitored by the District only for a few years, but has been monitored for Secchi depth since 1981 and as part of the Metropolitan Council's Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP) since 2000. Between 2002 and 2004 it has scored in the B-C grade range on the District's annual lake report cards. In 2004 the mean summer phosphorus concentration was 49 ?g/L, greater than the 40 ?g/L goal established in the HHPLS. Water clarity as measured by Secchi disk was 1.3 meters and the Trophic State Index was 60. The CAMP volunteer recorded the physical condition of the lake as ranging from 'some algae present? to ?definite algae present,? but also recorded its recreational suitability as ?beautiful.? According to standards established by the MPCA, water quality in Schutz Lake only partially supports swimming.

Table 4. Selected water quality goals and current conditions of lakes in the Schutz Lake subwatershed.

Lake1997 TP Goal (?g/L)HHPLS TP Goal (?g/L)2002-2004 Average TP (?g/L)2004
TP (?g/L)Chl-a (?g/L)Secchi (m)TSI

Source: MCWD