2.5.2 Streams

There is one primary stream within the subwatershed: Dutch Creek, which serves as the outlet of Dutch Lake and flows to Jennings Bay.  A small stream drains wetlands on the west side of Dutch Lake, which flows seasonally or intermittently.  Dutch Creek is included in the District's Annual Hydrologic Data monitoring program.  Flow in the creek is controlled by an outlet structure on Dutch Lake and is mainly runoff event-driven.  Large events within the subwatershed can result in temporarily high flows in the Creek. 

Water quality in the creek is variable.  It has a very small direct subwatershed, so water quality is primarily influenced by outflows from Dutch Lake.  Especially during wetter years when erosive flow velocities may occur, Dutch Creek can convey significant TP and TSS loads from Dutch Lake to Jennings Bay.  Dissolved oxygen within the stream is highly dependant on flow, and at low flows falls below the 5 mg/L State of Minnesota standard for class 2B waters.  No biological sampling data is available.