2.5.6 Groundwater

The HHPLS identified the infiltration potential of the upland areas within the subwatershed as generally medium.  Because of the organic or clayey nature of the soils in the wetland areas, in general infiltration potential there is low (see Figure 16).  The Carver County Water Resource Management Plan classifies the groundwater resources of in the southern subwatershed area as being of medium to low sensitivity to pollution.  The Hennepin County Geologic Atlas classifies the northern subwatershed as generally low sensitivity, except for a narrow band at the north end of Christmas Lake where the soils are sandy loam, which is classified as medium sensitivity (see Figure 17). 

No municipal drinking water wells are located within the Christmas Lake subwatershed, but the Minnesota Department of Health has not yet designated Drinking Water Sensitivity Management Areas (DWSMA) for all the wells in the general vicinity.  It is possible that part of the DWSMA for nearby wells might be located within this subwatershed.  The County Well Index has records of fewer than 10 active private, shallow wells within the subwatershed.