3.1 Water Quality

  1. Two lakes in the subwatershed have been designated as Impaired Waters on the State's 303(d) list due to an excess of nutrients.  The District is preparing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) studies, including plans to reduce phosphorus loads into the lakes, for Parley and Wasserman Lakes.
  2. Other lakes in the subwatershed meet state phosphorus standard but do not meet the more stringent total phosphorus concentration goals established in the HHPLS, including Pierson, Steiger, Stone, and Auburn West.  Lake Zumbra-Sunny is very close to meeting its HHPLS goal.  Auburn East and Lunsten Lake do not meet their HHPLS water quality goals.  No or limited data is available for East Auburn, Lunsten, Carl Krey, Church, Turbid, and Mud Lakes.
  3. Phosphorus and sediment loads in Six Mile Creek increase from upstream to downstream, and the creek and its subwatershed are a significant source of phosphorus load to Halsteds Bay.
  4. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed are predicted to increase nutrient and TSS loads from the watershed as well as increasing the volume of stormwater runoff, potentially further degrading water quality.