3.1 Water Quality

  1. Christmas Lake since 1998 has consistently been scored in the A grade range on the District's annual lake report cards and very nearly meets its total phosphorus concentration goal of 15 ?g/L. 
  2. As indicated below, there is a very slow trend of increasing phosphorus and declining water quality in Christmas Lake.
  3. Chart Phosphorus

    Source: MCWD.

  4. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed is predicted to increase nutrient and TSS loads from the watershed as well as increased volume of stormwater runoff, potentially degrading water quality in Christmas Lake and streams and wetlands in the subwatershed.
  5. The HHPLS identified sediment accumulation and transport in the small channel that discharges into the south end of the lake.  This should be evaluated to determine the source of the sediment, whether it is a source of phosphorus and sediment in the lake, and what erosion control measures or other improvements should be implemented.
  6. Steep slopes on the east shore of the lake are erosion prone.  The HHPLS identified several known locations; the District should prepare an inventory to determine where shoreline and slope stabilization should be performed to protect water quality.