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3.2 Water Quantity

  1. Drainage is conveyed through the subwatershed through County Ditch #15 as well as other channels to Gleason Lake.  The HHPLS channel erosion survey on Ditch #15 identified five erosion locations, including two that were of a high level of concern.  Gleason Lake outlets through Gleason Creek, and the Upper Watershed Stream Assessment identified five erosion locations on Gleason Creek.  
  2. The HHPLS identified a number of ponding locations that are predicted to overtop during the 100-year event, as well as others with a minimal amount of freeboard.  More detail is available in the HHPLS.
  3. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed, especially in GLC-4 (see Figure 2) in areas of potential development adjacent to TH 55, may increase volume of stormwater runoff from the subwatershed as well as increasing nutrient and sediment loads.
    • The HHPLS identified two locations where for both existing and future conditions higher velocities than desired may result in erosive velocities at outlets or culverts. These include the TH 101 culvert at the outlet of Snyder Lake and at an arch culvert that passes Ditch #15 below CR 6.  Erosion control or energy dissipation measures may be required in those locations.