3.2 Water Quantity

  1. Several landlocked subwatershed units and individual subbasins are present in the subwatershed.  As identified in the HHPLS, the cities of Chanhassen and Shorewood have contemplated in their Local Water Management Plans connecting and/or draining these basins, altering local hydrology and potentially creating downstream volume impacts.  Within these landlocked basins, any future development or redevelopment should minimize creation of new stormwater volumes.  Outletting will generally be discouraged unless there is a demonstrated threat to property structures or public safety.
  2. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed is predicted to increase volume of stormwater runoff from the watershed as well as increased nutrient and TSS loads.
  3. Stormwater velocity has caused erosion in the channel that conveys drainage from the southern subwatershed unit to the lake.