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3.2 Water Quantity

  1. The City of Shorewood has identified a future need to consider the construction of outlets for two landlocked basins, LMC-7 and LMC-8 (see Figure 2).  Outlets would increase downstream volumes conveying additional pollutant loading to Lake Minnewashta.  Outletting will generally be discouraged unless there is a demonstrated threat to property structures or public safety.
  2. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed are predicted to increase nutrient and TSS loads from the watershed as well as increase the volume of stormwater runoff.
  3. Increased volumes would have a negative impact on channels and culverts conveying stormwater, increasing erosion potential.  Specific problem areas identified in the HHPLS were a small channel draining LMC-5, and the Minnewashta Creek culvert under TH 7.
  4. The HHPLS identified two locations that are predicted to overtop during 100 year or larger events: a private driveway and an old driveway or trail at the outlet of LMC-4.