3.2 Water Quantity

  1. Drainage is conveyed through the subwatershed through a series of culverts and channels that should be evaluated, monitored, and replaced or repaired as necessary to maintain conveyance, minimize erosion, minimize hydrologic bounce, and maintain adequate water levels in lakes and wetlands.  The HHPLS and Regional Team input identified three in particular that exhibited some need for maintenance: the Saunders Lake outlet; the Black Lake outlet; and the culverts under the railroad berm. 
  2. Development, redevelopment, and reconstruction in the subwatershed are predicted to increase runoff volumes as well as increase nutrient and TSS loads from the watershed.
  3. Future development could increase the volume and velocity of discharges conveyed by the channel from Saunders Lake to Langdon Lake.
  4. The HHPLS identified two locations where the minimum 2 foot freeboard requirement was not met for the 100-year event: the outlet of Saunders Lake and at County Road 110 between Langdon Lake and Lost Lake.