3.4 Ecological Integrity

  1. Few opportunities are available to conserve minimally disturbed landscapes, but there are potential restoration opportunities to improve and increase habitat; native vegetation restoration along the upper watershed channel corridor for streambank stability, erosion control, and habitat connectivity; and urban forest preservation and restoration to increase evapotranspiration and reduce runoff.
  2. Wetlands with high ecological value are present and those wetlands and associated upland areas should be conserved to preserve their values and create larger areas of ecological value.
  3. The Gleason Lake fishery was last surveyed in 1996 and revealed a panfish fishery that could be improved through a piscavore stocking program.
  4. Eurasian water milfoil is present in the lake, as is curlyleaf pondweed.
  5. An aquatic plant survey conducted for the Gleason Lake Management Plan revealed a significant vegetative community dominated by coontail.