3.4 Ecological Integrity

  1. Few opportunities are available to conserve minimally disturbed landscapes, but there are potential restoration opportunities, including wetland restorations to improve and increase habitat; native vegetation restoration along the upper watershed channel corridor for streambank stability, erosion control, and habitat connectivity; and urban forest restoration to increase evapotranspiration and reduce runoff.
  2. Wetlands with high ecological values are present and should be conserved and connected to provide wildlife corridors.
  3. Christmas Lake is managed as a warm water-cool water lake and stocked with rainbow trout.  It may be sensitive to thermal impacts, or changes in groundwater flow.  Future development or redevelopment should take into account potential thermal impacts to the lake's biota from direct runoff of stormwater, or from modifications to groundwater inputs.
  4. Detailed information is available on aquatic vegetation in Christmas Lake, but no management plan is in place.  Some Eurasian watermilfoil is present.