3.4 Ecological Integrity

  1. Parts of the western subwatershed have been incorporated into the Gale Woods Regional Park.  Areas both within the park and outside of the park have been identified as Regionally Significant Ecological Areas based on the size of the minimally disturbed areas.   Wetland and associated upland areas with high ecological value are present and should be conserved and connected within the subwatershed and to other resources in adjacent subwatersheds to preserve their values, create larger areas of ecological value, and connect existing resources.    Figure 19 identifies an ecological corridor throughout the subwatershed which should be preserved through District efforts as well as local efforts.  The corridor functions to span several subwatersheds and provide connectivity of the peripheral areas of the Watershed District to major resources such as Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek. 
  2. The railroad berm that bisects the subwatershed is a barrier to ecological connectivity.
  3. The Langdon Lake fishery was last surveyed in 1993 and there is no current fish data.
  4.  No detailed information is available on aquatic vegetation in Langdon Lake.