3.4 Ecological Integrity

  1. Most of the subwatershed is characterized by large open areas of forest, grasslands, and wetlands punctuated by agriculture and low density development.  Intensive uses are concentrated along the US Highway 12 corridor in the City of Maple Plain.  The Baker Park Reserve includes large areas of minimally disturbed wetland and woodland, including tamarack forest.
  2. No fish or aquatic vegetation surveys have been completed on Katrina Lake, and there is no public access.
  3. Macroinvertebrate communities in Painter Creek are limited by its low gradient, frequent wetland reaches, water quality, and lack of habitat.
  4. The Painter Creek Feasibility Study identified a corridor of wetlands, uplands, floodplain, and steep slopes that could be considered for conservation to improve Painter Creek water quality and ecological integrity.