3.5 Groundwater

  1. Groundwater input is likely an important component of the Christmas Lake water budget, and changes in water quality over the past decades may be due in part to changes in that input.  A more detailed model and analysis of Christmas Lake is necessary to better understand how both surface and groundwater inputs affect lake levels and water quality and to develop strategies for protecting this resource.
  2. The FAW concluded that the wetlands in the southern part of the subwatershed were discharge or combination discharge/recharge. Increased infiltration in the southern subwatershed may be helpful in preserving that hydrology.
  3. As shown on Figure 17, there is a large moderate to high aquifer sensitivity area in the northern watershed where any stormwater should be pretreated prior to discharge to an infiltration basin.  Other areas of aquifer sensitivity are associated with wetlands.
  4. Stormwater management should be coordinated with wellhead protection plans.