4.10 Ditches

Goal 10 - Public Ditches

Maintain public ditch systems within the District as required under Statutory jurisdiction.


Neither of the public ditches within this subwatershed perform the function for which they were originally established – to drain lands for the promotion of agriculture.  Both ditches are now part of their respective cities? local stormwater conveyance systems.  Because those ditches are of localized rather than watershed-wide benefit, the Board will pursue turning jurisdiction of these ditches over to the local community.  Until that time, the District will manage these ditches to the same standard as other streams.

Desired Outcomes:  Manage public ditches to maintain drainage and preserve natural features.

Metrics:  Stream Visual Assessment Protocol (SVAP) score in ditch portion of Gleason Lake Creek.

Goal 10.1 - Gleason Lake

Turn over to local communities jurisdiction over public ditches that no longer perform their original function and that serve mainly as local stormwater conveyances.


  1. If the cities are willing, turn back County Ditch #15 and County Ditch #32 (see Figure 2) to the Cities of Plymouth and Wayzata, respectively.
  2. Until such time as the proposed jurisdictional turnbacks are completed, manage the ditches in accordance with statutory rights and responsibilities, conducting annual inspections and making improvements as required.