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4.17 Public Involvement

Goal 17 - Public Involvement

Solicit input from the general public with the intent that policies, projects and programs will address local community values and goals as well as protect historic and cultural values regarding water resources; strive to manage expectations; base decisions on an educated public; foster an educated and informed public within the watershed.


The District has good working relationships with the LGUs within the watershed, and maintains a Citizens Advisory Committee to obtain regular public input on issues of concern to the District and its citizens.  As the District implements the actions identified in this Plan, including the education and communication actions described above, it will be important to obtain direct input from water resource users.  The District has worked cooperatively with the Gleason Lake Association and will continue to do so.

Desired Outcomes: Engage the public to encourage involvement in District activities and stewardship of area resources.

Metrics:  Contacts with the Lake Association and interest groups.

Goal 17.1 - Gleason Lake

Work cooperatively with the Gleason Lake Association.


  1. Provide information and assistance as requested.
  2. Attend meetings as requested to share information, hear concerns, and maintain a good working relationship.