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4.7 Navigation

Goal 7 - Navigation

Maintain the hydraulic capacity of and minimize obstruction to navigation without compromising wildlife habitat in watercourses and preserve water quality and navigation appearance in shoreland areas.


The District recognizes the riparian rights of property owners to have and maintain access to public waters.  The District will not participate in the removal of nuisance aquatic vegetation solely for the purpose of improving navigation, but may consider macrophyte control where excessive growth contributes to poor water quality.

Desired Outcomes:  Minimization of impacts on water resources from dredging.

Metrics:  Compliance with the dredging policy.

Goal 17.1 - Painter Creek

Manage dredging activities so as to preserve the natural appearance of shoreline areas; recreational, wildlife and fisheries resources of surface waters; surface water quality and ecological integrity of the riparian environment.


  1. Regulate dredging activities in a manner consistent with local policy and Minnesota Rules Chapter 6115.0200