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4.9 Education and Communications

Goal 9 - Education and Communications

Enhance public participation and knowledge regarding District activities and provide informational and educational material to municipalities, community groups, businesses, schools, developers, contractors and individuals.


The District conducts an active and strategic education and communication program watershed-wide to provide general information and to various stakeholder groups in accordance with its five-year strategic education and outreach plan.  Targeted information will be necessary in the Six Mile Marsh subwatershed to educate these stakeholders as to the District's specific goals for this subwatershed, the actions the District plans to take, and their role in conserving water resources in the subwatershed.  The specific targeted messages will emphasize conservation of the wide range of high-value resources in the subwatershed and developer education targeting Better Site Design, infiltration, and conservation of undisturbed native vegetation as sites develop.

Desired Outcomes:  Stewardship over water resources by residents of the subwatershed to assist District activities and supplement other goals.

Metrics:  Telephone Survey.

Goal 9.1 - Six Mile Marsh

Provide focused education and outreach opportunities within this subwatershed to supplement the general education and outreach program and assist in the achievement of these subwatershed goals.


  1. Develop and distribute targeted written material to stakeholder groups (e.g., residents, shoreline property owners agricultural property owners, developers) explaining the need for natural resource conservation and low impact development approaches to reduce phosphorus and other pollutant loading and providing strategies that each stakeholder group can employ to assist in meeting this goal.
  2. Sponsor educational opportunities for LGU staff, developers, elected and appointed officials and other interested parties to provide practical information and opportunities for sharing experiences.
  3. Prepare and distribute timely news releases to coincide with education efforts to inform the public of BMPs and other District actions that affect them directly.

Goal 9.2 - Six Mile Marsh

Provide participation and outreach activities to increase awareness of water and other natural resources within the subwatershed


  1. Promote the development of lake associations where none now exist, and identify and work cooperatively with existing associations.
  2. Recruit and train volunteers to monitor aquatic vegetation on the lakes on an ongoing basis.

Goal 9.3 - Six Mile Marsh

Work cooperatively with other agencies and groups to coordinate education and outreach efforts to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize resources.