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4.1.3 Stream Assessment

In 2003 the District assessed the physical and biological condition of Minnehaha Creek and five principle upper watershed streams – Long Lake Creek, Gleason Creek, Classen Creek, Painter Creek, and Six Mile Creek.  The Minnehaha Creek stream assessment included a fluvial geomorphic investigation to evaluate the stability of the creek as well as evaluation of creek conditions using the standard assessment tools Stream Visual Assessment Protocol and Pfankuch Channel Stability.   Both the upper and lower watershed stream assessments included a channel inventory, identification of erosion problem areas, and evaluation of the macroinvertebrate and fish communities.

The assessments were intended to characterize the general conditions of these streams and to provide baseline information to assist the District in developing management strategies to improve and protect these streams.   Stream assessment findings are reported in the respective subwatershed plan and form the basis for Implementation Plan activities.