5.8 Capital Improvement Program

There are no District capital improvement projects proposed for the Christmas Lake subwatershed for this Plan cycle.   The District may consider collaborative projects with the LGUs to restore wetlands or stabilize streambanks or shorelines.

This Plan identified the need to consider a diagnostic study of long-term water quality trends in Christmas Lake, but that study was not included in the 2007-2016 prioritized CIP.  The Board may consider such a study during the time frame of this Plan if funds are available.

Project Christmas Lake Long Term Water Quality Trends Study

Diagnostic study of long-term water quality trends in Christmas Lake


While the water quality in Christmas Lake is among the best in the watershed (and Metro area), there has been a noticeable, long-term trend of declining water quality.  The cause for this decline is not known, but may be a combination of groundwater changes, delayed impacts of urbanization, aquatic vegetation or other biotic sources, or some unknown source of sediment or nutrient loading.  This proposed study would investigate and determine the likely causes of the slow decline in water quality and develop options for reversing that trend.

Outcome Identification of long-term strategies to protect water quality in Christmas Lake 
Estimated Cost and Funding Diagnostic study.    Funding source is the District capital levy.   $60,900

One Year Prior to Implementation:  Fish, vegetation, and zooplankton surveys, development of management plans

No Year Assigned: Implementation of strategies