5.6.1 Local Government Unit Subwatershed Phosphorus Load Reductions

Part of the phosphorus load reduction plan for Schutz Lake is a required reduction of the phosphorus load contributed by existing land uses.  The requirement is a 15 percent reduction in loading from existing residential land use; 25 percent from existing agricultural use; and 10 percent from other developed land use.  This reduction can be accomplished through: application of BMPs such as additional street sweeping, local water quality ponds, rain gardens and infiltration swales that reduce erosion or treat runoff; prevention of future load increases through the conservation of lands previously identified for development; or achieving load removals in excess of  the minimum required.  The LGUs identified below must identify in their local water management plans specific steps to accomplish these minimum reductions.  The LGUs must also annually report to the District their progress toward accomplishing this requirement.

Table 11.  Allocation of Schultz Lake subwatershed LGU Phosphorus Load Reductions (lbs/yr).

Subwatershed Unit