5.8.1 Dutch Lake Wetland Detention Pond

ProjectDutch Lake Wetland Detention Pond
DescriptionConstruction of a stormwater treatment pond at the main tributary to Dutch Lake
NeedThe phosphorus reduction plan for Dutch Lake requires a reduction of pounds of phosphorus per year from the subwatershed. A wet detention ponproposed for consideration at the main tributary to Dutch Lake, which drasubwatersheds DL-1 through DL-4. It would be sized to remove 50 percenthe incoming load.
OutcomeThis pond could remove an estimated 65 pounds of phosphorus annually, along with other pollutants such as sediment.
Estimated Cost and FundingInvestigation, permitting, construction, and project management. Funding source is the District capital levy.
$202,000 Design
$1,754,100 Constr, easmnt
$1,956,100 Total

2014 Design, easement acquisition

2015 Construction