5.8.1 Gleason Lake Pond at Lake Inlet

ProjectGleason Lake Pond at Lake Inlet
DescriptionConstruction of a stormwater treatment pond at the inlet of Gleason Lake to treat stormwater conveyed by Ditch #15 to Gleason Lake
NeedThe phosphorus reduction plan for Gleason Lake requires a reduction of 374 pounds of phosphorus per year from the subwatershed. A new pond at the inlet to Gleason Lake, under preliminary design in 2005-6, would be designed to remove phosphorus conveyed from the subwatershed.
OutcomeThis pond could remove an estimated 53 pounds of phosphorus annually, along with other pollutants such as sediment.
Estimated Cost and Funding
Investigation, permitting, implementation,
and project management. Funding source
is the District capital levy.
$46,900 Design
$240,200 Construction
$287,100 Total

2006 Design

2007 Construction