5.8.10 Lost Lake/Langdon Lake/Cooks Bay

ProjectLost Lake/Langdon Lake/Cooks Bay
DescriptionInnovative structural stormwater measures incorporated into the Mound downtown redevelopment (?Mound Harbor Renaissance?) to minimize nutrient loading into Cooks Bay.
NeedThe city of Mound has proposed a redevelopment of its downtown area which encompasses a large amount of shoreline on both Lake Minnetonka and Langdon Lake. The project would provide an opportunity to partner with the city and the developer to reduce the overall amount of nutrient loading entering Lost Lake, Langdon lake, and ultimately Cooks Bay.
OutcomeStormwater runoff treatment well above minimum regulatory requirements; habitat creation, greenspace conservation, and public education; a demonstration site and an example of sustainable development within a highly developed urban area.
Estimated Cost and FundingEngineering review, design of project components, and participation in capital costs$208,800