5.8.2 Detention Pond Upstream of CR 6

ProjectDetention Pond Upstream of CR 6
DescriptionConstruction of a regional stormwater detention pond to treat stormwater conveyed by Ditch #15. Cooperative project with City of Plymouth.
NeedThe phosphorus reduction plan for Gleason Lake requires a reduction of 374 pounds of phosphorus per year from the subwatershed. A wet detention pond is proposed for consideration on Ditch #15 just north of County Road 6, at the northeast quadrant of CR 6 and Dunkirk Lane in Plymouth. The cost for this project including investigation (including assessment of CR 6 culvert capacity), land acquisition (2 acres) and other costs is estimated to be $536,000. This pond is proposed as a joint project with the City of Plymouth.
OutcomeThis pond could remove an estimated 116 pounds of phosphorus annually, along with other pollutants such as sediment.
Estimated Cost and Funding
Investigation, land acquisition, permitting,
implementation, and project management.
Funding source is the District capital levy and
the City of Plymouth. The specific share of
construction costs as well as ongoing
maintenance costs associated with this pond
would be determined by cooperative agreement
prior to implementation of this project.
$76,900 Design, ROW
$513,400 Construction
$590,300 Total

2009 Design, easement acquisition, cooperative agreement

2010 Construction