5.8.2 Schutz Lake Corridor Wetland Restoration


Schutz Lake Corridor Wetland Restoration


Restoration of drained or degraded wetlands in the Schutz Lake subwatershed


Two wetland projects in the subwatershed would be considered for restoration to restore hydrology, improve habitat, increase infiltration, expand wildlife corridors or connect other high-value resources.   Prioritization and selection of specific restoration projects would be based on criteria including:

  • Potential to achieve multiple objectives such as improving downstream water quality, increasing infiltration, increasing stormwater storage, improving habitat, or connecting other resources
  • Opportunity to increase wetland acreage through restoration of drained wetlands


The following are some of the potential restoration locations that might meet those criteria, although other locations may also be considered.


Upper Channel Corridor.  A 24 acre wetland complex in the upper subwatershed is part of a proposed habitat corridor from the southern subwatershed to Schutz Lake.  Currently stormwater pond and degraded wetland, restoration and buffering would provide a significant ecological improvement and anchor the corridor.  The site is adjacent to Holy Family Catholic High School, and could potentially provide an outdoor classroom experience for the school.

Lower Channel Corridor.  The proposed wet detention pond above would be located within a 10 acre complex downstream of the above wetland.  Restoration of this partially drained complex could provide an opportunity to restore wetland acreage, buffer the channel, and connect the upper corridor with a corridor leading to Schutz Lake and to Carver Regional Park Reserve 



Restored and improved wetland functions and values, enhanced habitat, increased infiltration, expanded and connected wildlife corridors, protection of downstream resources.



Design, easement acquisition, permitting, construction, construction management, vegetation management contract.  Funding source is the District capital levy.

$  46,400  Design

$310,800  Construction

$357,200  Total



2010  Wetland identification, design, easement acquisition

2011  Construction