5.8.3 Jennings Bay Wet Detention Pond

ProjectJennings Bay Wet Detention Pond
DescriptionConstruction of a detention pond near the mouth of Painter Creek to provide treatment of phosphorus loads not adequately treated by the projects implemented upstream.
NeedThe Painter Creek Feasibility study identified a number of projects intended to reduce pollutant loading from the Painter Creek subwatershed into Jennings Bay as well as an internal load management project that also includes Harrisons Bay and West Arm. This project would provide the final piece of the ?treatment train? should the Feasibility Study projects not adequately remove phosphorus load from Painter Creek.
OutcomeReduction in phosphorus load from internal sources estimated at 1,024 pounds annually; improved water clarity; more diverse aquatic vegetation community; improved aesthetics
Estimated Cost and FundingDesign, construction, project management. Funding source is the District capital levy,$291,700

2011 Fish, vegetation, and zooplankton surveys, development of management plans

2012 Implementation of strategies