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5.8.3 Steiger Lake Pond

ProjectSteiger Lake Wetland Detention Pond
DescriptionConstruction of a stormwater treatment pond to treat runoff to Steiger Lake

The phosphorus reduction plan for Steiger Lake requires a reduction of 121 pounds of phosphorus per year from the subwatershed. A wet detention pond is proposed to treat runoff from subwatersheds SMC-12 and SMC-13 (see figure 20). This pond would be designed to remove at least half the phosphorus load projected to be contributed by those drainage areas under the ultimate development conditions.

OutcomeThis pond could remove an estimated 67 pounds of phosphorus annually, along with other pollutants such as sediment.
Estimated Cost and Funding
Design, easement acquisition, construction, and
project management. Source of funding is the
District capital levy.

$96,800 Design, easmnt

$708,700 Construction

$805,600 Total


2011 Design, acquire easements

2012 Construction