5.8.4 Lake Nokomis Internal Load Management

ProjectLake Nokomis Internal Load Management
DescriptionDesign and implementation of strategies to reduce internal phosphorusloading, including: feasibility study; aquatic vegetation survey update andmanagement plan; fishery survey update and management plan; biomanipulation strategies that may include aquatic vegetationmanagement, zooplankton community and fishery manipulation, andchemical treatment.

A TMDL study including a phosphorus reduction plan is currently being developed for Lake Nokomis. Proposed reductions include control of external sources of phosphorus through various efforts in the watershed and internal load management.

Strategies may include aquatic vegetation management, biomanipulation and fishery management, or chemical treatment. The specific share of construction cost as well as ongoing costs associated with this project would be determined by cooperative agreement prior to implementation of this project.


Reduction in phosphorus load from internal sources estimated at 90 pounds annually; improved water clarity; more diverse aquatic vegetation community; improved aesthetics.
Estimated Cost
Investigation, permitting, implementation, and project
management. The District's final cost share and any
ongoing maintenance responsibilities would be
determined by the negotiation of a cooperative
agreement with the city of Minneapolis andMinneapolis
Park and Recreation Board.

$30,600 Feasibility

$311,500 Implement

$342,100 Total


2007 Fish, vegetation, and zooplankton surveys, development of management plans, cooperative agreement

2007 Implementation of strategies