5.8.4 Land Conservation


Schutz Lake Subwatershed Land Conservation Activities


Implementation of Land Conservation program activities in the Schutz Lake subwatershed, including but not limited to acquisition of conservation easements or fee title to land as well as facilitating partnerships, encouraging conservation planning and activities, providing technical assistance, and education and outreach.


The Land Conservation Program is an integral strategy to achieving the goals in this subwatershed plan.  Land conservation activities help to maintain and improve ecologic integrity, surface and groundwater quantity and quality, wetlands integrity, and streambank stability.  High priority areas are located in this subwatershed, including areas with high ecological values. Conservation of key land cover types may be beneficial to reducing runoff and associated pollutant transport, preserving high-infiltration areas, conserving native vegetation, conserving habitat and natural resource corridors, and improving ecologic integrity.


Minimized new pollutant loads conveyed by runoff; protection of wetland and surficial groundwater hydrology; wetland restorations; conservation of high-value native vegetation and habitat.


Cost and Funding

Estimated cost to achieve conservation goals in the Schutz Lake subwatershed 2007-2017


District capital levy


Implement both proactively and as opportunities arise during the period 2007-2017