5.8.4 Stubbs Bay – Swan Lake Pond Excavation

ProjectStubbs Bay - Swan Lake Pond Excavation
DescriptionPond excavation to restore and increase storage and detention for water quality.
NeedClassen Creek carries a high sediment and nutrient load to Stubbs Bay. The source of that excess load is not clear, but may be related to in-line and riparian wetlands and streambank sloughing issues. Swan Lake provides in- and off-line storage for Classen Creek. Excavation and cleanout of this impoundment would provide for increased detention and storage and reduce downstream sediment and pollutant loading to Stubbs Bay.
OutcomeReduction in pollutant loading carried downstream to Stubbs Bay; improvement water quality and clarity.
Estimated Cost and FundingFeasibility study, easement acquisition, design, construction, construction management, vegetation management contract. Source of funds is the District capital levy.$104,000