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5.8.5 Long Lake Stream Restoration

ProjectLong Lake Creek Stream Restoration Reach 5
DescriptionRestoration of 1,000 feet of Long Lake Creek to stabilize streambanks, manage riparian vegetation, and improve in-stream habitat.
NeedThe Upper Watershed Stream Assessment identified a number of locations on Long Lake Creek with spot erosion problems, including a concentration of erosion issues over about 1,000 linear feet between river miles 2.1 to 2.3, downstream of Orono Orchard Road. Restoration of this segment of Reach 5 would improve streambank stability and provide an opportunity for biological improvement. Restoration would include streambank restoration, fish and macroinvertebrate habitat improvements, and buffer restoration. Also incorporated into this proposed project would be a geomorphic assessment to aid in the design of the project and acquisition of easements along the corridor.
OutcomeStabilized streambanks with bioengineering and hard armoring where necessary to reduce erosion potential; riparian zone with native vegetation that provides near-stream habitat and that reduces pollutant contribution from runoff; enhanced fish and macroinvertebrate habitat.
Estimated Cost
Geomorphic analysis, easement acquisition, permitting,
construction, project management, vegetation
management contract. Funding source is the District
capital levy.

$37,500 Design, easmnt

$250,000 Construction

$801,700 Total


2011 Design, easement acquisition

2012 Construction