5.8.6 Halsteds Bay Wetland Restoration

ProjectHalsteds Bay Wetland Restoration
DescriptionRestoration of drained or degraded wetlands in the Halsteds Bay subwatershed

At least one wetland restoration project in the Halsteds Bay subwatershed would be considered for restoration to restore hydrology, improve habitat, increase infiltration, improve downstream water quality, expand wildlife corridors or connect other high-value resources.

There are a series of small wetlands in the Halsteds Bay drainage area south of the Dakota Rail trail that are part of the minor drainage system to the Bay. Currently classified Manage 2, they have low vegetative diversity and have been partially drained. They could be restored to provide some water quality treatment, vegetative diversity improvement, and possibly some wetland credit. Much of the potential restoration site is located on a single large parcel.

Prioritization and selection of specific restoration projects would be based on criteria including:

  • Potential to achieve multiple objectives such as improving downstream water quality, increasing infiltration, increasing stormwater storage, improving habitat, or connecting other resources
  • Opportunity to increase wetland acreage through restoration of drained wetlands
OutcomeRestored and improved wetland functions and values, enhanced habitat, increased infiltration, expanded and connected wildlife corridors, protection of downstream resources.
Estimated Cost
Design, easement acquisition, permitting, construction,
construction management, vegetation management
contract. Funding source is the District capital levy.

$49,900 Feasibility

$539,100 Construction

$588,900 Total


2008 Feasibility, design, easement acquisition

2009 Construction