5.8.6 Parley Lake Tributary Wetland Restoration

ProjectParley Lake Tributary Wetland Restoration
DescriptionRestoration of 20 acres of wetland along riparian wetlands on a tributary between Turbid and Lunsten Lakes

A TMDL study including a phosphorus reduction plan is currently being developed for Parley Lake. Proposed reductions include control of external sources of phosphorus through various efforts in the watershed and internal load management. The TMDL identified a need to reduce external loading by 393 pounds annually.

The TMDL for Parley Lake, which is in progress at the time of this writing, identified a potential wetland restoration site in drainage area SMC-41 that could provide for treatment of agricultural and other runoff from upstream. There is a potential to restore up to 20 acres or more of riparian wetland that currently exhibits moderate wildlife habitat and low vegetative diversity. This wetland is located within the Key Conservation Areas identified for this subwatershed.

OutcomeReduction in phosphorus load from external sources estimated at 95 pounds annually; improved water clarity in Parley Lake; more diverse wetland vegetation community; restoration and enhancement of a wildlife corridor.
Estimated Cost and Funding
Design, easement acquisition, construction, construction
management, vegetation management contract. Source
of funding is District capital levy.

$53,100 Design, easmnt

$494,500 Construction

$547,600 Total


2007 Design, easement acquisition

2008 Construction