5.8.7 Big Island Wetland Restoration

ProjectBig Island Wetland Restoration
DescriptionRestoration of drained or degraded wetlands on Big Island

Parcels on Big Island on Lake Minnetonka, recently purchased by the City of Orono in partnership with the District, contain degraded wetlands. To enhance the public benefit of that aquisition, the degraded wetlands would be considered for restoration to restore hydrology, improve habitat, increase infiltration, expand wildlife corridors or connect other high-value resources. In particular, a five acre degraded Manage 2 wetland could be restored for improved vegetative diversity and habitat characteristics. The specific wetland areas to be restored would be selected based on the following objectives:

  • Potential to achieve multiple objectives such as improving downstream water quality, increasing infiltration, increasing stormwater storage, improving habitat, or connecting other resources
  • Opportunity to increase wetland acreage through restoration of drained wetlands
OutcomeRestored and improved wetland functions and values, enhanced habitat, increased infiltration, expanded and connected wildlife corridors, protection of downstream resources
Estimated Cost and Funding
Design, easement acquisition, permitting, construction,
construction management, vegetation management
contract. Funding source is the District capital levy.

$19,800 Feasibility

$89,100 Construction

$108,900 Total

Schedule2007 Feasibility, design, easement acquisition
2008 Construction