5.8.8 Grays Bay Highway 101 Causeway Reconstruction

ProjectGrays Bay Highway 101 Causeway Reconstruction
DescriptionCollaborative project with Hennepin County and the cities of Wayzata and Minnetonka to redesign the Highway 101 Grays Bay causeway using vegetated reinforced soil slopes.
NeedThe Highway 101 Grays Bay causeway is in need of reconstruction and repair. Hennepin County and collaborating partners intend to use a vegetated reinforced soil slope (VRSS) soil bioengineering system to reinforce the highway embankments rather than a traditional hard armoring. VRSS is an earthen structure made from live stakes or container plant stock in conjunction with rock and geosynthetics to provide a structurally sound embankment on the steep side slopes of the causeway. This vegetative system would provide erosion control as well as runoff management and treatment, and would enhance roadside shoreline habitat.
OutcomePromotion of this bioengineering technique for application to other highway and roadway projects; water quality and ecological benefits by using vegetated slopes rather than hard armoring; incorporation of a trail provides access to and over Grays Bay.
Estimated Cost and FundingCollaboration in project costs. Source of funding would be the District capital levy.$1,656,100