5.8.8 Other Projects

This Plan identified the need to consider additional regional infiltration opportunities in subwatershed units PC-9 and LM-JB (see Section 5.8.5 above), but those projects were not included in the 2007-2016 prioritized CIP. As water quality in Jennings Bay improves, it may also be necessary to consider aquatic vegetation management in Jennings Bay. The Board may consider these projects during the time frame of this Plan if funds are available.

ProjectJennings Bay Aquatic Vegetation Management
DescriptionDesign and implementation of strategies to manage aquatic vegetation that contributes to internal phosphorus loading or degradation of water quality, biotic integrity
NeedAs water quality in Jennings Bay improves, the aquatic vegetation communities may change. Improved water clarity may result in accelerated growth of aquatic vegetation that may increase internal phosphorus loading, negatively impact fish or aquatic invertebrate habitat, or increase susceptibility to invasive aquatic species. Management of aquatic vegetation that contributes to lake water quality and biotic integrity issues may require annual treatment for three to five years.
OutcomeImproved water clarity; more diverse aquatic vegetation and biotic communities; improved aesthetics
Estimated Cost and FundingApplication of vegetation management techniques in Jennings Bay. Funding source is the District capital levy.$46,900
ScheduleNo year has been assigned to this project, which would be implemented on an as-needed basis. Vegetation management is most effective if applied annually for at least three years in a row.