5.8.9 Lake Minnetonka Shoreline Restoration

ProjectLake Minnetonka Shoreline Restoration
DescriptionIdentification of shoreline erosion areas on Lake Minnetonka and an evaluation and demonstration of appropriate restoration methods for the common types of erosion observed.
NeedThe shoreline of Lake Minnetonka ranges from native vegetation to eroding turfed lawns to hard armored rip rap and retaining walls. This project would identify areas of erosion that could benefit from shoreline restoration, and would evaluate the most appropriate and effective stabilization measures. Demonstration projects would provide an opportunity to educate both contractors and property owners.
OutcomeOne expected outcome of the project is a set of bio-engineering standards that could be considered for incorporation into District Rules and Standards. A second expected outcome is education and outreach to foster implementation of the standards by lakeshore property owners, with an increase in the linear feet of naturalized shoreline.
Estimated Cost and FundingLakeshore erosion survey and mapping, rules revision, demonstration projects. Source of funds is the District operating and capital levies.$208,800