6.1.2 Regulation for Ecological Integrity

The District's Land Conservation Program is a major initiative intended to conserve remaining high-value natural resources in the watershed though both active conservation efforts and technical assistance and advice to other agencies and private property owners.  To complement this initiative, the regulatory program could be amended to require new development and redevelopment to consider conservation of those resources early in the development process.  Through this conservation could better be integrated into the overall site plan and other regulatory requirements.   This Plan recommends the following options for consideration in regards to future regulatory requirements:

  1. Provide regulatory incentives for the conservation of undisturbed native vegetation as sites develop.
  2. Require MCWD Staff review of concept plans to identify regulatory requirements, stormwater management alternatives, and critical natural resources to efficiently expedite review so the District may comment on proposals and how they relate to District ecological integrity goals.  MCWD intends to work cooperatively with developers in early stages of project development in order to identify opportunities and obstacles to permitting early in the process.
  3. Require submittal of a Natural Resources Inventory and Conservation Plan as a condition of permit approval.
  4. MCWD will collaborate with other organizations involved in lake management, governmental and non-governmental (such as the LMCD, LMA, MPRB, and Three Rivers Park District), to jointly fund and implement projects and programs that educate the public, improve water quality and increase the ecological integrity of resources throughout the District.  This may include public service messages, promotional efforts, joint-policy development and capital projects to manage lakes and satisfy mutual interests.