7.1.3 Housekeeping Requirements

The land management and housekeeping practices of the LGU include activities such as street sweeping, snow plowing, salt and snow storage, road and utility right-of-way maintenance, stormwater management facility maintenance, and public land and park maintenance.

Unlike the District's preceding plan, this Plan does not obligate LGUs to specific land management and housekeeping practices.  Rather, an LGU is to consider changes in these practices as one set of tools to achieve the water resource performance goals established in this Plan and the local plan.  The District will seek to assist LGUs by providing technical guidance on land management and housekeeping practices that are beneficial for water quality and other water resource performance objectives.  The local plan should:

  1. Describe current practices;
  2. Examine potential improvements in these practices;
  3. Identify any barriers to implementing these improvements;
  4. Indicate what changes the LGU will make; and
  5. Describe, with appropriate quantification, the impact these changes are expected to have toward achieving water quality and other water resource goals.