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17-407 Single family home floodplain alteration

17-407:  Patricia P. Scherber has applied for a Minnehaha Creek Watershed District permit for Floodplain Alteration and Erosion Control for a single family home project located at 3810 Enchanted Lane, Minnetrista. The project would result in approximately 3920 square feet of impervious surface.  The construction of the home will require fill to be incorporated into the floodplain.  Per the MCWD Floodplain Alteration Rule this fill will be offset by cuts within the floodplain on the same property resulting in no decrease of floodplain storage capacity.  The down gradient waterbody to this parcel is Lake Minnetonka. 

 Individuals with questions or concerns regarding this permit may contact Elizabeth Showalter at 952-641-4518 or

Interested parties may request that the permit be considered by the MCWD Board of Managers.  Requests for public consideration must be in writing and received at the MCWD offices prior to 4:30 PM, September 14th, 2017.

3810 Enchanted Lane, Minnetrista
Name of Applicant: 
Patricia P. Scherber