Educational Resources


Lake Minnetonka Map

lake mtka

lake mtka map cover

Promote your business with a beautiful, full color map of Lake Minnetonka, featuring water quality information and a narrative of the history of the lake area. We’ll work with you to customize the map with an imprint of your corporate logo and company information. Updated version coming summer 2017.

Minnehaha Creek Canoe Map

creek map

creek map cover

Take a look at this map of Minnehaha Creek Canoe Routes located inside the Watershed. This map gives a detailed description of the Watershed in the 1800s and today, as well as provides information on safety precautions, canoe/kayak rentals, and the water levels and harzards within Minnehaha Creek. Updated version coming summer 2017. 

Guides and Brochures

Minnehaha Creek Companion Guide

companion guide

This guide serves to accompany the Minnehaha Creek canoe map and provides information on points of interest and history.

companion guide inside

AIS Early Detector Guide

AIS guide

This guide helps citizens monitoring their local lake for aquatic invasive species (AIS) with surveying tips and ID pages.  PDF available here. Limited copies available for distribution.

AIS guide inside

Lake Minnetonka Guide to Shoreline Gardening

shoreline gardening book

This book shows how shoreline homeowners can protect water quality with native shoreline plants AND have a beautiful garden.  Limited copies available for distribution.  Available for purchase on Amazon

shoreline inside

Community Adaptation Planning for Changing Landscapes & Climate

comm adapt guide

This planning guide contains a framework for community adaptation planning in the face of climate and landscape change.  PDF available here.

comm adapt inside

Year-Round Guide to Yard Care (Blue Thumb)

BT yard care guide

This booklet contains tips for yard care for each season, including turf grass and plantings. Limited copies available for distribution.

yard care inside

Raingarden Brochure (Blue Thumb)

BT raingarden brochure

This brochure includes the purpose of a raingarden and tips for installation.

raingarden brochure inside

Raingarden Maintenance Brochure (Blue Thumb)

BT raingarden maintenance brochure

This brochure contains tips for maintaining your raingarden including wedding and cleaning.

raingarden maintenance inside

"Ten Things You Can Do" Brochure

ten things brochure

This brochure demonstrates ten actions people can take to help improve our local waterbodies.

ten things inside

Green Up Your Lawn Brochure

green up brochure

*Temporarily out of stock

This brochure provides tips for maintaining your yard without polluting local waterbodies. 

green up inside

Secrets of Leisurely Landscaping Brochure (Blue Thumb)

leisurely brochure

This brochure describes the benefits of native plants and ways to use them in your gardening.

leisurely inside

Native Plant Fact Sheet (Blue Thumb)

BT native plant fact sheet

*Temporarily out of stock

This fact sheet provides examples of native flowers, shrubs, and trees for yards, raingardens, and shorelines. 

native plant inside