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Aerial of 325 Blake RoadThe cornerstone of Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s (MCWD) work is recognizing that the built and natural environments, in balance, create value and enjoyment for our residents. In all our work, we keep this philosophy in mind to ensure our projects not only improve water quality, but also improve the quality of life in our communities.

In that vein, we are excited to announce that the redevelopment of 325 Blake Road in Hopkins has reached a major milestone. After an intensive partnership effort to evaluate master developer applications and interview candidates the MCWD Board of Managers selected Minneapolis-based Kraus-Anderson as the master developer for the project.

325 Blake Road was purchased by MCWD in 2011 as a key piece of the Minnehaha Creek Greenway. The Greenway will provide 50 acres of a contiguous corridor of restored creek and habitat through St. Louis Park and Hopkins while also providing more opportunities for the public to view and access...

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