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Sweeping grass clippings out of streetNational Night Out is coming up on Tuesday, August 7 across the nation. Neighbors will be out in the streets building relationships and camaraderie, and it’s the perfect time to talk with your neighbors about how you can all join together to keep your local waters clean and healthy.

Storm drains allow stormwater runoff to flow to local lakes and rivers untreated, taking with it any pollutants, debris, and litter in its path. Stormwater runoff from both urban and rural landscapes create issues for waters in our watershed, particularly Minnehaha Creek, meaning everyone can make a difference in keeping these important natural resources clean.

Here are 5 tips that you and your neighbors can commit to:

  1. Adopt a storm drain: While most cities street sweep in the fall and spring, debris flows to storm drains all summer long. By cleaning storm drains regularly, you can stop organic matter (like leaves, pine needles, and tree seeds) and litter...
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