Cynthia Krieg Fund History

Cynthia Krieg (1954-2000)

The Cynthia Krieg Stewardship Fund was established by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) in 2000 in memory of Cynthia Krieg, who dedicated her life to community service and natural resource protection. The fund is dedicated to projects that promote environmental stewardship through education and innovation within the District.
In her vibrant life of 46 years, Krieg lived passionately and with compassion. She was a champion for change and a spark of hope. Throughout her life she made a significant difference in her community through environmental, religious and social causes. Her example inspired others to care about people and issues in their own communities, and in whatever circle she joined, Cynthia inevitably found its center. She focused on what was important, rallied support, rolled up her sleeves and worked tirelessly. But she also counted on community commitment to carry out the job. Cynthia planted ideas – seeds of change – that continue to bloom within our communities. We honor her dynamic spirit by finding our own community connections, working with others to improve our quality of life.